FOR FOOD INDUSTRY. Degreasing-disinfectant, bactericide and fungicidal cleaner. For food industry use. Tested against salmonella Typhimurium.


pH: 12.5 ± 0.5

Density (20ºC): 1.017 ± 0.005 g/ml


  • Color anaranjado transparente.
  • Punto de turbio en caliente: aprox. 55ºC (No sobrepasar esta temperatura durante su almacenaje)


Bottle containing 10 l, 20 l, 25 l

Box containing 4x5 l

For safe and proper use of this product, see the label and Material Safety Data Sheet, which contains information on the hazard classification for health and the environment. In case of accident, consult the Toxicology Information Medical Service, tel. 915 620 420. Product for professional use only.



  1. Chloride of didecyl dimethyl ammonium ……….6,0%.
  2. Isopropanol, excipients y solvents…..csp 100


  1. Orange, transparent liquid.
  2. Water soluble.
  3. Does not contain solvents.
  4. Does not contain perfumes.


Consumer and Healthy Ministry of Spain – Inscription Nº on the Pesticide Register:

  1. Food Industry use:12-20/40-06485HA
  2. Ambiental use: 12-20/40-06485


Rules: Accomplishes the UNE-EN 13697 rule in dirty conditions. Antiseptics and chemical disinfectants. Quantitative test of non-porous for the bacterize activity evaluation and fungicide of the chemical disinfectants used in food products, industry, home and in the collectivity.

Also complains UN-EN 13697 Rule in dirty conditions for the strain test Salmonella Typhimurium.


  1. Orange, transparent liquid.
  2. pH (concentrate product):………. 12 – 13
  3. Warm roily point: aprox. 55ºC. Don’t exceed this temperature during storage.
  4. Density to 20 ºC:…………………… 1, 017 ± 0, 005 g/ml
  5. • Densidad a 20 ºC:…………………… 1, 017 ± 0, 005 g/ml


Energetic and Degreasing-Disinfectant in only one operation (bactericidal and fungicidal).

It has been proved as an effective disinfectant in water product application, in dirty conditions, after 5 minutes (see applied rules).

Applicable on all washable surfaces except plastic waxed floors.

Removes odours and their source.

Hard water effective.

Economic: it works in soft dilutions.


Imperative when a good disinfection of surfaces is required:

Food industry use:

  1. Contact disinfection: surfaces and equipment.
  2. Food industry application: meat industry, fishing, canning, cooking and catering and also in food companies sector.
  3. Clean and disinfection of surfaces, tables, floors, walls, utensils, cold room, equipment, vehicles interiors and other washable surfaces.

Ambiental use:

  1. Contact disinfection: Surfaces and equipment.
  2. Hospitality and communities application sectors: schools, hotels, sport centres, geriatric, hospitals (in residential area, no surgical), dressing room and all installations where cleaning and disinfections is advisable.
  3. Animal installations: cages, houses, floors, habitat. Regular cleaning with the product to remove odours and the bacteria focus formation.
  4. Patios and terraces: the cleaning with the product prevents the green mark formation (alga) in cement floor, ceramic and clay.


Before using the product, read carefully the label.

To prevent risks for the people and environment, follow the use instructions.

Don’t mix with any other chemical product.

Incompatible with strong oxidizers or acids.


  1. Use always the product in water solutions.
  2. The disinfection is effective from a product water dilution of 5%. The applicator can use solutions more concentrated depending of the dirty degree to eliminate.


  1. Apply with a spray in working tables, floors, walls, and chamber.
  2. Apply by immersion little instruments and equipment. Product solutions can be used also in ultrasonic cleaning buckets.
  3. Manual application with a mop, sponge or baize for floors and surfaces in general.
  4. Automatic scrubbers: to allow the disinfection, leave the solution act during the security recommended time (5minutes) before proceeding with aspiration.

Food Industry:

  1. Application in food absence.
  2. Once product is applied, the machinery, utensils and surfaces that has to be in contact with the food, with water has to be eliminated all product residue.

Security time:

In all cases, leave the solution acting during 5 minutes to obtain the effective disinfection.

Optional dispenser:

From a user request, will supply an adaptable dispenser for a 5 litres container. Every dispenser pulse supply 30ml of product to obtain a 1% solution in 3 litres of water.